High-quality materials from Pro Sorb Solutions keep your workplace free of spills that can pose dangers to your workforce and to the environment.
When you have a spill, leak, or flood, you need remove it using insoluble materials that will absorb (soak up) or adsorb (repel) the liquid. Absorbent materials from Pro Sorb Solutions swell 50% or more when they are doing their job, while adsorbent materials gather the oils from the surface of a sorbent material. Our full line of sorbent products will protect your workforce and your workplace.
Whether your spill is water, oil, or chemicals, you want to use a sorbent made of the right material to perform the containment you need. Sorbents may be inorganic - including materials such as glass, wool, vermiculite, clay, sand, volcanic ash, or clay - or synthetic plastic materials, cross-linked polymers, and rubbers. While inorganic materials can soak up 4 to 20 times their weight in oil, synthetic materials absorb liquid into their solid structure so that the material can absorb up to 70 times its weight.
Our product line will meet all of your needs.
For more information on any of our products, contact us today at 619-884-5823.

  • Spill Kits

    Spill Kits

    Like a first-aid kit for injuries, spill kits contain sorbent materials and safety equipment packed in a container that is…

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  • Full Line Spill Response Product

    Full Line Spill Response Product

    For high-volume spills in your facility, on construction sites, or on the water, we offer equipment and supplies including containment…

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  • Secondary Containment

    Secondary Containment

    Pro Sorb Solutions offers a full line of secondary containment products including: spill pallets, work stations, spill collectors and much…

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  • Granular Absorbents and Neutralizers

    Granular Absorbents and Neutralizers

    When you need inorganic and granular absorbents and neutralizers, Pro Sorb offers you a wide assortment of volcanic ash, peat…

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  • Storm Water Products

    Storm Water Products

    Get up to speed with your BMP (Best Management Practices) as it relates to storm water pollution prevention.  Pro Sorb…

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  • Hazmat/chemical sorbents

    Hazmat/chemical sorbents

    Our hazmat products are easy to apply, have high tensile strength to do the job, and effectively pick up acids…

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  • General purpose sorbents

    General purpose sorbents

    When you need a product to absorb water and oil-based liquids, 100% polypropylene or cellulose pads will do the job.…

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  • Oil-only sorbents

    Oil-only sorbents

    Made of 100% polypropylene fibers, oil-only sorbents from Pro Sorb Solutions are available as absorbent pads and rolls, socks, pillows,…

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